Blu Cigs Review

Blu Cigs reviewed on 2012-01-19 by ECW
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Battery Life33333
Cartridge Life44444

Review Summary: Blu Cigs showed up a little later to the party than some, but they’ve taken the electronic cigarette market by storm. In fact, Blu was so overwhelmed they actually stopped taking orders completely for 2 months to catch up. Blu Cigs is pretty impressive to say the least. The packaging is slick, the carrying case that also functions as a charger is a life-saver, and the menthol flavor is flat out the best electronic cigarette flavor we’ve ever tasted. Overall, we’re pretty impressed with Blu Cigs, they just need to stock more product and hire more people to fill all the orders a bit faster.

Pros: Appearance is closest to real cigarette, charge-on-the-go carrying case, USB charger, flavor, price, throat hit, customer service.

Cons: Battery life, manually refilling cartridges voids warranty

Specification Data

Blu Cigs Starter Kit Price

The price of the Blu is pretty good…certainly not the best starter kit price out there, but for what you get, it really can’t be beat. It’s $59.95 and comes with a cigarette pack look-a-like carrying case that also functions as an on-the-go battery charger, 25 cartridges, 2 batteries, 1 atomizer, a wall charger and a USB charger.

Available Colors

Blu Cigs comes in 2 colors…white and black. When combined with the tan cartridges, the white looks nearly identical to a real smoke. We prefer the traditional cigarette look and feel for two reasons: First, the more similar your electronic cigarette is to a traditional smoke the less likely you are to switch back to real smokes. Second, we can’t help but feel a little odd in public smoking a 6-inch black tube with gold accents…it’s just a little flamboyant for our tastes, so we’re definitely happy that Blu Cigs looks so much like a traditional cigarette.

Blu Cigs Size

We love the size for the same reason we love the colors…it’s nearly identical to a regular cigarette. Just a touch longer and a tad thicker than a “wide,” it’s the smallest electronic cigarette we’ve tested to date.


We found Blu Cig’s battery life to be a bit short-lived. Our lighter smokers were able to pull about 4-6 hours out of it, but the heavy smokers drained the battery in a matter of 2 hours. That was a bit of a downer. However, since Blu comes with a carrying case that also charges your batteries on-the-go, you’re able to carry 5 cartridges and 2 fully-charged batteries anywhere you go. The batteries are automatic and light a blue LED when you inhale.


We thought with the Blu Cigs being somewhat new to the electronic cigarette game that it would have a disadvantage compared to its competitors when it comes to taste. We were wrong. The BluCigs cartridges turned out to be some of the best tasting we’ve ever had…especially the menthol (if you’ve ever tried Camel Crush, Blu’s menthol tastes very similar).

Blu Cigs sells prefilled cartridges only and it looks like refilling them yourself will void the warranty. So if you’re someone who wants the option to fill your own cartridges, Blu may not be for you. That said, the cartridges are relatively inexpensive at a maximum of about a buck each, getting cheaper the more you buy. Plus, they have enough flavors for anyone short of some kind of e-cigarette connoisseur, including Classic Tobacco, Magnificent Menthol, Java Jolt, Vivid Vanilla, Cherry Crush and a build-your-own variety pack.

Although the Blu Cigs website claims the cartridges are about the equivalent of 6 cigarettes each, we found them to be closer to 4.


The draw on the Blu is very light, among the lightest we tested, and they’re incredibly sensitive, meaning you don’t have to draw very hard at all to get the vapor flowing. This could be good or bad, depending on personal preference. We’re kind of ambivalent on the issue.


We found Blu Cigs to have a fairly strong hit, not quite as strong as the M402, but certainly strong enough to feel like you’re smoking a traditional cigarette.

Blu Cigs Ordering Experience

Deliver took a bit longer than any other orders we placed. Blu  Cigs has experienced a huge wave of orders this year, so much so that they had to stop taking orders completely between July and August just to catch up. While it seems people must think Blu Cigs are a quality product (either that or their marketing is just top notch), that means slow delivery. It took about 12 days for our order to arrive, which isn’t the end of the world, but we certainly got antsy waiting.


Overall, Blu gets our highest rating to date. The cigarette looks like a real smoke, it tastes like a real smoke and comes pretty darn close to hitting like a real smoke. The battery life was a bit short, but the charge-on-the-go carrying case made up for that. We’re incredibly pleased with Blu Cigs so far. If you don’t mind the delayed delivery and not being able to refill cartridges yourself, you should definitely give Blu Cigs a shot.

Blu Cigs Update

Blu has recently updated their product line. They’ve done away with a few of the less popular flavors and increased battery life. They’ve also moved to a cartomizer model, which means the cartridge and atomizer are one unit instead of separate.

The benefit of the Blu cartomizer is that you get a new atomizer with each cartridge, whereas before, your starter kit only included a couple atomizers and those tended to crap out rather quickly. With the new cartomizers you’ll always finish the cartridge before the atomizer dies, so you never have to worry about running out of atomizers leaving your Blu Cig worthless. This is a major win for the overall quality of Blu Cigs and they deserve our highest rating even more now.

Visit the Blu Cigs website to learn more.