The Nicotine Content in the Electronic Cigarettes

Posted on November 26th, 2010 by Jack Stone

An electronic cigarette is also known as an e-cigarette or a personal vaporizer. It is a battery-powered device which makes use of a vaporized solution to provide inhaled doses of nicotine which means that instead of smoke there are harmless water vapors when one smokes. It is an alternative to smoking and other tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, or pipes. There is purported nicotine that is delivered inside the body when one smokes an electronic cigarette. Also the vapor released provides a flavor and physical sensation similar to that of inhaling tobacco smoke. In this way, there is no smoke or combustion and yet, the smoker can easily satisfy his desire.

Most of the electronic cigarettes of blu cigs are available with cartridges having differing amounts of nicotine levels. You can buy the full, light or the ultra light pack. If you are smoking electronic cigarettes for the first time, you may wonder that what level of nicotine you should opt for in the cartridges. Depending upon how much you currently smoke will decide the answer to the question. Thus, depending upon which level of nicotine you are comfortable with, you will choose that level.

Also the cartridges of electronic cigarettes of blu cigs are designed to last the equivalent of multiple cigarettes but they are not meant for smoking fully in one sitting. The nicotine content varies in the following way; full flavor 16 – 24 mg, medium 12 – 16 mg, light 4 – 8 mg and nicotine-free 0 mg. As can be seen, the electronic cigarette cartridges of blu cigs contain much higher amounts of nicotine because they are not meant to be smoked completely in one sitting. The nicotine level you choose depends on your personal preference that if you want to continue smoking electronic cigarettes with nicotine content or not.

In practice, you can smoke an electronic cigarette as long as you want since the charge lasts for around six hours. You can rather plan yourself on how to smoke your electronic cigarette. However, if you want to spend lesser time smoking and do not want to sacrifice nicotine, then you should purchase full-strength nicotine cartridges and only take a couple of puffs or hits during each smoke breaks. Since the electronic cigarette cartridges are not designed to be finish in one sitting therefore you don’t have to worry about finishing a full cigarette during one sitting. You can also smoke less through a higher nicotine content cartridge in comparison to the tobacco cigarettes and it can still give you the same level of satisfaction and you can leave it whenever you want to. You can then charge it later again and use the same electronic cigarette since you can use one electronic cigarette for six times. One of the many complaints of conventional smokers is the absence of flexibility and freedom when it comes to the nicotine content and flavors in cigarettes so this flexibility is also offered by the electronic cigarettes with nicotine content. They have a set flavor and a set degree of intensity as far as the strength of the nicotine in them is concerned which makes the use of electronic cigarettes with nicotine content easier and safer.

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