BLU CIGS: Healthy smoking

Posted on November 13th, 2010 by Jack Stone

Gone are the days when cigarette smoking was considered injurious for health but now the new technology has made smoking healthy i.e. with the Blu cigs smoking has become healthy. Electronic cigarettes are basically battery powered devices which consist of two elements, the heating element is called the Atomiser and the mouthpiece is called the cartridge.  The amount of nicotine varies in the cartridges. It is as per the demand of nicotine by the smokers. Propylene glycol is a water-based ingredient found in many health products and medicines. None of the ingredients in the cartridges have been found to be carcinogenic There are flavoured cartridges as well. It has been very beneficial by making people away from the bad habit of smoking.

Here are some benefits of smoking Blu cigs. One and all are going to love the cigarettes ones they start to use the blu cigs and also the people around will not have any complains if they sit in the group and smoke.

  • Economical rate

BLU CIGS are the cheapest cigarettes. Almost all electronic cigarettes cost about 75% less than the other cigarettes. Everyone can afford these blu cigs.

  • No ash tray

Blu cigs do not need any ash tray. So there is no mess regarding the mess which is created with the ashes.

  • Hygienic and healthy

There is a better hygiene and one can also have more self confidence. There is no Smokey feeling and no bad breath. So there is no fear of getting in any kind of embarrassing situation.

  • Harmless to passive smokers

The main advantage of Blu cigs is that it does not harm the passive smokers. These cigarettes do not burn any tobacco instead it produces water vapour which is odourless and vanishes in a few seconds. Hence it can be smoked anywhere even where smoking is banned. It includes all public places like bars, restaurants, plane, parks etc.

  • No withdrawal symptoms

There are no side effects of electronic cigarettes as these smoking products use a highly sophisticated technology to vapourise special liquids so as to give the feeling of original smoking.

  • Stainless

Smoking electronic cigarettes does not stain your teeth so it can help in keeping your smile pearl white.

  • Rechargeable battery

The electronic portion of the electronic cigarette can be charged in the car, an outlet or even on the USB port of the computer.

  • Refill packs

The retailers have the refill packs of these electronic cigarettes which are easily accessible. So for the chain smokers it is a boon.

Blu cigs obviously provide the best smoking alternative for the smokers. Since it is smoke free, it can be smoked anywhere in the public places. The smokers with the help of these electronic cigarettes can contribute in making the environment a healthy place for living. Healthier smoking in the form of electronic cigarettes has added a new meaning to the life of smokers. Healthy smoking without tar and its portability and flavours; all these features have distinguished it from the normal cigarettes.

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