Katherine Heigl Smokes Electronic Cigarette on Letterman

Posted on November 13th, 2010 by Jack Stone

In a scene straight out of the old-school days of the 50′s, actress Katherine Heigl fired up a smoke right on the set of The Late Show with David Letterman. How you ask can she get away with smoking indoors? Is it because she’s a celebrity and celebs can get away with anything they want? Not quite…it’s because she was smoking an electronic cigarette.

For those unfamiliar with electronic cigarettes, they are electronic devices that look very much like a traditional cigarette. However, instead of puffing on harmful tobacco, you smoke a water vapor – nicotine mixture that actually tastes quite good. Some brands are obviously better than others and I’m not a huge fan of the brand Heigl smokes on Letterman. I recommend BluCigs personally, as I’ve had a great experience with them and they taste great too. Check out my electronic cigarette diagram for a more detailed look at electronic cigarettes.

So Letterman gives the e-cig a try on the air and said it makes him feel dizzy, which is fairly common for a non-smoker when puffing on nicotine.

The downside to electronic cigarettes? Well, they aren’t going to cure your addiction, although I personally quit smoking real cigarettes entirely with the help of e-cigs. Still, they are not approved as smoking cessation devices, but there seems to be a general consensus out there that they are significantly safer than real cigarettes.

The US has been trying to stop imports of electronic cigarettes because they want them to be regulated as smoking cessation devices – no doubt a political move pandering to the massively powerful tobacco lobbyists – so the cost of the devices has nowhere to go but up if the government decides to regulate them as smoking cessation products so it’s a great time to give one a shot.

Here’s the Heigl video for your viewing pleasure:

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3 Responses to “Katherine Heigl Smokes Electronic Cigarette on Letterman”

  1. John Cardero says:
    I remember seeing this. I wish more celebs would talk up e-cigs. I have been using one for months and it’s been the only thing able to keep me from smoking. I hope she still uses it.
  2. lenina says:
    What brand do you use? Thanks.
  3. Michael says:
    I saw Ms Heigl smoking the e-cig on Letterman! Then he took a few drags and seemed to ejoy it.

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