Do electronic cigarettes look stupid?

Posted on September 13th, 2009 by Jack Stone

A few months back I saw a guy smoking outside of a bar I was at and started talking to him. After a few minutes of chatting I realized he wasn’t smoking a normal cigarette. I asked him about it and he told me it was an electronic cigarette from BluCigs. That’s what made me purchase the BluCigs starter kit and that’s pretty much all I’ve smoked since.

When I first saw the guy smoking I didn’t even realize that he was smoking electronic cigarette, even though I had already tried electronic cigarettes and had been smoking them for almost a year at that point. Nonetheless, I had never seen an electronic cigarette that looks so much like a real cigarette before. I always felt a little weird smoking my electronic cigarettes in public because they were all really big and most of them were all black, so it was quite obvious I was smoking something different. I’m not the type that likes to be the center of attention so that really caused me to slow my smoking down in public just because I got sick of people asking me what I was smoking.

Once I saw this guy smoking outside the bar I realized I had missed a brand in doing my research that obviously looked exactly like a real cigarette.

Ever since BluCigs hit the market the strive to make electronic cigarettes look like real cigarettes seems to be the trend and it appears I’m not alone in my desire to find an electronic cigarette that looks close to a real cigarette as possible. So, after that night I decided to buy the BluCigs starter kit and was impressed at not only the quality of the device but also at how much it looked like a real cigarette. The only difference was that I had a blue light at the tip instead of a red one like a real cigarette would have.

I found the blue light didn’t really matter all that much because everything else about it looks so much like a real cigarette you overlook the fact that there’s a blue light at the end…the weird thing is other people don’t seem to notice either…just like me that night outside the bar. Nonetheless, NJOY makes an electronic cigarette that looks exactly like a real cigarette but has a red light at the end so it’s even closer in appearance to a tobacco cigarette than BluCigs are. Although NJOY’s electronic cigarette has that red light, I tried them and I found that they weren’t quite as good as BluCigs, they were still really good, they just didn’t taste the same, so I stuck with BluCigs.

So I guess the answer to the question of whether or not electronic cigarettes look stupid is a personal one. I think most of the brands available do look stupid, but that’s because they are 6 inches long, twice as thick as a real cigarette and are all black or stainless steel or some other color with a strange design on it. The newer models that I mentioned above however, look so similar to a real cigarette that you can’t even tell the difference.

If you want to check out a great site I found where they review electronic cigarettes, go to and check out their reviews section. They also have a customer ratings section where people rate their experience with these things so you can see what other people had to say.

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