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Can you quit smoking with electronic cigarettes?

Posted By Jack Stone On September 11, 2009 @ 8:57 pm In Articles,Quit Smoking | No Comments

Electronic cigarettes are quickly becoming known across the United States because of their increased advertising spend, especially on the Internet. Many people wonder if you can quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by switching to electronic cigarettes as an alternative.

Well, there certainly have not been any studies on the effectiveness of electronic cigarettes for quitting tobacco cigarettes, so I can only speak from personal experience and the stories I’ve heard from others who have smoked the devices.

I’ve been a pack a day smoker for 10 years and have tried every stop smoking product on the market. I’ve tried the patch, gum, prescription medication, addiction counseling, and even some obscure herbs that have been known to help people stop smoking. None of those products worked for me, not a single one. In fact, the success rate of those stop smoking products is incredibly small, somewhere around 5%, so it appears they don’t work very well for anyone.

One of the main difficulties in quitting smoking using conventional stop smoking aids is the fact that none of the stop smoking aids available on the market today simulate the smoking experience in any way. For cigarette smokers, smoking a cigarette is an entire experience unto itself, only one part of which is the actual nicotine craving satisfaction. Because of this, it’s my belief, and it seems to be the case, that any stop smoking aid that does not simulate actual cigarette smoking as closely as possible is going to be very unsuccessful in helping people quit.

That is exactly the experience I had and the experience of many people I’ve spoken with about quitting cigarettes. It’s not just the nicotine fix that makes you smoke or that you’re addicted to. Rather, it’s the entire process of smoking, from being able to get up and take a short break from your life, to the social interaction you have when smoking with other smokers, to the memories of good times at bars or restaurants, to the simple physical act of putting a cigarette to your lips and taking a drag. Even the hit you feel in your throat when you take that drag off a cigarette is a part of the experience.

With all this in mind, it makes sense that electronic cigarettes, being able to mimic the experience of smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes in almost every way, would be better stop smoking devices than any other product on the market today. Like I said, there haven’t been any studies or anything to that effect because the product is so new, but I can tell you beyond any doubt whatsoever that for me, it was almost too easy to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes by switching to electronic cigarettes. The experience is so similar; the size of the device is very close to that of a real cigarette, you inhale a water vapor/nicotine mixture that simulates the smoke from a cigarette, you even get that throat hit when you take a drag just like you do with a real cigarette. Because of this, it’s no wonder that I’ve heard so many stories from different people who started smoking electronic cigarettes one day and never smoked and other tobacco cigarette from that point on and really didn’t express any difficulty in doing so.

There are certainly some differences, albeit minor, between electronic cigarettes and their tobacco brothers, so anyone switching shouldn’t expect the exact same experience, but in my own experience they’re as close as you can get.

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