Automatic vs Manual Electronic Cigarette Batteries

Posted on September 7th, 2009 by Jack Stone

Most eCigs are available with two different types of batteries used to power the devices. There is a current trend toward automatic batteries because of their ease of use, however, there are situations in which manually-activated batteries are more appropriate and so they are still widely available in some devices. But ultimately, what’s the difference between an automatic and manual battery? That’s what I’ll cover in this article.

Automatic Batteries

Automatic eCig batteries are the new trend these days because of their ease of use. Automatic batteries utilize a pressure switch to sense when you take a drag. At that point the battery turns on and begins to supply power to the atomizer, which vaporizes the nicotine solution in the cartridge and produces the nicotine vapor that you inhale.

While they’re meant to only be activated when you take a drag, automatic batteries can sometimes be activated by wind, especially when driving in a convertible or car with the windows down.

Some automatic batteries may also be activated unintentionally by other types of short term pressure changes, such as loud, booming base at a concert or club.

Manual Batteries

Because of automatic batteries’ potential to activate unintentionally, manual batteries are available that rely on a press-button in order to activate. Many of the older model eCigs utilized manual batteries ┬ábecause it was a simpler technology than pressure-sensing automatic batteries. Manual batteries are still around due to demand for use in windy weather and in concerts and clubs.

Most manual batteries have a small button located on the middle outside of the battery. When the smoker presses the button, the battery sends a charge to the atomizer, activating the vaporization, which the smoker inhales.

There are drawbacks of manual batteries that one should be aware of. First of all, the button can be pressed, and the battery activated, if the eCig presses up against another object, such as a set of keys in a pocket or purse. While you can usually keep an automatic eCig in your purse or pocket without fear of activation, it’s generally not a good idea to keep manual eCigs anywhere the button could pressed unintentionally. Manual batteries also require one extra step, pressing and holding the button, in order to take a drag, so you can’t hold the manual eCig the same as you might be used to holding a real cigarette when smoking because most people won’t be able to reach the button this way.

So, automatic and manual batteries both have their strengths and weaknesses. Automatic batteries are easy to use and can be held just like a traditional tobacco cigarette. In most cases, they can be stored in a pocket or purse without fear of unintentional activation. On the other hand, they can be unintentionally activated in windy weather or other pressure-changing environments such as loud concerts and clubs.

Manual batteries can be used in windy environments as well as concerts and clubs without fear of unintentional activation. However, the button can be pressed unintentionally when stored in a pocket or purse and they must be held in a different way than traditional cigarettes in order for the user to reach the press-button while taking a drag.

The most popular battery is the automatic type because its strengths and weaknesses make it perfect for all but a few specific situations.

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